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What is Energy? How Can We Learn to Work With it for Better Health and More Fulfillment?

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Energy is the subtle force that exists both within us and all around us. Some might say it is the very essence of God itself, as energy permeates all things. The movement and flow of energy affects all aspects of our lives. Physical ailments start in the energetic field; emotions are manifestations of energetic flow or stagnation; our perception of spirituality depends on our openness to the flow of this universal life force.

The idea of energy, or Chi/Qi/Ki as it is sometimes called in Eastern philosophies, has been making its way into the mainstream in this country for quite some time now. When I was first attuned as a Reiki practitioner in the early 2000's, explaining the process of Reiki took some time because it was a foreign concept for many people. Now, when I am explaining what I do I sometimes use Reiki as a jumping off point because most people are somewhat familiar with the idea of using energy as a healing modality.

Many of us are familiar with the concept of energy, but most of us don't know how to work with it in our bodies or our lives. You can find an energy practitioner who does have the experience and training to manipulate energy for healing, and that is one aspect of what I do. I work with people, both in person and at a distance, to change their energetic flow for better mental, emotional and physical health. Spiritually we are always whole, but on this physical plane we lose our connection with the divine. Energy work helps us realign and reopen to that divine source, which in turn can help us feel better physically and emotionally.

After years of working with people and my own deep experience of the divine, I realized that my path here was not just to help people one at a time, but also to teach them how to do this work for themselves. We are all capable of familiarizing ourselves with this subtle energy, reconnecting with the divine source, and learning to move and manipulate energy in our lives in order to maintain this connection and flow. Spiritual Integration is a step-by-step process I have been inspired to develop to help people learn to work with energy, both within themselves and in relationship to others.

When our energy is truly connected to the divine, we find that life flows more easily. Our intuition sharpens as we align ourselves with this source of all that is. We feel more sense of purpose, and while we still encounter obstacles, they are more easily overcome. My hope for my clients and students, and more broadly for all of us living here and now in this reality, is for everyone to reach this state of unity. What kind of a world could we create if we had a visceral realization that fundamentally we are all one? Living a spiritually integrated life is possible for each and every one of us, and one by one we can create a deeper and more loving existence for all of those who dwell on this planet.

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