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What is
Dimensional Frequency Expansion (DFE)?

Dimensional Frequency Expansion (DFE) is a frequency-based healing method that expands and grounds us in this physical reality, helps us clear the frequencies of trauma we are carrying, and has the potential to expand the frequency of the Earth itself to allow for the shedding of our old ways of being to expand into a more loving existence. The awakening layers of DFE invite us to step beyond our fear-based ego and into the next phase of human evolution-- living in service as a fully multi-dimensional being. Put simply, DFE is here to change the way we live and love.

What are the Layers of DFE?

The Integration Layers

Emerald Frequency

The Emerald Layer brings clarity and opening to the heart, increases our power and protection, connects us with our unique heartsong, and brings more love into our heart space.

Amethyst Frequency

The Amethyst Layer is a mind opener and expander. It opens us to multi-dimensional information, connects us with our mindsong to disrupt old thought patterns, and brings more love into our mental space.

Onyx Frequency

The Onyx Layer is the physical grounding layer. It connects us with the Earthsong to bring healing to the planet, increases our presence in and love for our bodies, and seals the first three layers into the physical body.

Selenite Frequency

The Selenite Layer is the final integrator. It invites unlimited expansion of unconditional love for self and others, fully integrates the other frequencies in our personal energetic field, and opens our connection to the dimension of the DFE crystalline beings of light.

The Awakening Layers

Celestite Frequency

The Celestite Layer is a high heart activation. It invites us to live in unconditional love on all levels of our being (what some call Christ or God consciousness), awakens our call to create a life of purpose, and invites us to see beyond the limitations of our ego.

Howlite Frequency

The Howlite Layer awakens the energy of expansion at the base of the skull. It quiets the ego mind for greater connection to intuition, allows us to further develop our awareness beyond the ego, and acts as a portal for release of "back body" issues like trauma.

Sodalite Frequency

The Sodalite Layer exists fully outside of our physical plane. It invites us to become true multi-dimensional beings, acts as the ultimate protector of both our physical bodies and the energetic fields within and around them, and grounds us in non-linear time and space.

How Can I Experience DFE?

You can interact with these frequencies through a one-on-one or group Activation​ or a DFE Sound Bath Experience. DFE can be experienced in person or virtually, as the frequencies transcend distance. Click on the links below to book virtual one-on-one sessions, contact me for in person availability in the Tucson area, view upcoming class and sound bath dates, or click the link to subscribe to my email list for updates on all upcoming events and news. Group Activations are offered at $44. You can repeat any Group Activation for $22.


Includes activation and opportunity to discuss your experience afterward. Generally one layer is activated at a time in order from Emerald to Sodalite.

How Can I Go Deeper With DFE and/or
Use It in My Healing Practice?

You can commit to ethically hold one of more of the DFE layers permanently through a one-on-one Expansion Ceremony. Each layer has a distinct Ceremony, and certificants must agree to hold these frequencies with love, compasson and respect for the highest good. You can commit to hold a single layer or multiple layers, but the Expansion Ceremonies must be completed in order from Emerald to Sodalite. As everyone is different, you may feel called to complete multiple Ceremonies for certain layers in order to fully seal the frequency in your energetic field.


While there is a general format for each Ceremony, this is an intuitive process that is tailored to your unique energetic system. Our time together includes discussion of the purpose and details of DFE along with the Ceremony and time to process afterward. Our total time together will be approximately 2 hours. These Ceremonies are offered in person or via Zoom. Contact me for availability.

How Can I Learn to Teach and Offer DFE Expansion Ceremonies?

I will be offering an Apprenticeship program for those who feel called to teach and offer DFE Activations and Expansion Ceremonies. This program is currently in the pilot stage and I am not accepting any new Apprentices at this time, however if you are called to this please contact me to join the waitlist and subscribe to my emails for updates.