Recognizing and Honoring Your Cycle of Renewal

Recently I had a crash. I was chugging along in my new business, feeling like things were going well. I was building my social media presence, promoting my book, updating my website with new services and meditations, and starting my new weekly Wind Down Wednesdays guided meditation broadcast on Facebook. I was also having some physical issues, but I was busy getting things done and trying to ignore my symptoms.

I was texting with my friend about not feeling very well, and she responded in her typical sweet and funny way. "I have this friend who sometimes subconsciously forgets her superpower (because she's human). Her superpower is that she can feel the energy and emotions of everyone around her. It's been a rough few's been a rough 2020 I mean. I feel like if our superpowers were reversed, she would tell me to remember that can be super draining. Remind me to be kind to myself and to remember how important it is to take time for me as well. Thoughts?"

I did think about it. I mean, I THOUGHT I thought about it. Looking back I realize I registered it, but didn't process it. My head understood what she was saying but the knowledge didn't make it all the way into my heart. I was actively taking time about once a week to meditate, tap into my intuition, and do energy work on myself. I was exercising regularly and spending time with my husband and dogs. Obviously I was doing everything I needed for self care.

Fast forward another week or two and I was NOT OK. I was frustrated with my work progress, home projects, and with the fact that physically I was feeling even worse. My sleep schedule was disrupted, I was cranky, and everything just seemed off. I decided to block a whole afternoon for myself to really check in and figure out what was going on below the surface.

I went into my healing space, got into meditation, and things started coming up right away. I was furloughed from my ultrasound job in March, then laid off officially at the end of June. While that opened up time and space in my life to finally focus fully on making a living doing what I love, there is the pressure of losing that steady income and those benefits. Meanwhile my husband is also in the process of a career change, so we've got double uncertainty about our financial future.

I started to realize just how much I was holding in my energetic field. I could feel the uncertainty and anxiety my husband feels about starting a new career in his mid-forties. I could feel the discomfort and boredom of my 14 year old schnauzer, who has been dealing with loss of mobility and nerve pain. I could feel the extreme anxiety of my nervous little poodle. I could feel the disruption in the world right now with everything that has been shifting this year. We have all been anxious and uncertain, and that energy can easily get amplified when it's not addressed. In fact, since what we see around us is a reflection of what's within, all of this energy I felt coming from "outside" myself was really my own energy that needed attention.

So I started to explore the root of my current crash. What was going on with me? Why was I having a resurgence of endometriosis symptoms after months of feeling almost normal? Why was I in so much pain? Wasn't all the meditation and intuitive work I was doing on myself helping? What more did I need to do to step fully into a healthy and whole state physically, emotionally and spiritually?

The answer that came to me was nothing short of astonishing. I later told my husband, "I've either stumbled on something really profound or so obvious that I'm an idiot for never seeing it before."

I've been living, as almost everyone on the planet does, in a seven day week. We have set ourselves up as a society to get things accomplished for six days and rest for one (if that!). Even if we're not working outside the home, most of us have set working days or times (or all the time if you're running a home and raising kids) and then at least one day of getting things done domestically, whether that looks like cleaning, meal prepping, and/or running errands. If we take a day for rest at all, it's usually just one in every seven, and often that is a day we focus on family but not necessarily on our individual needs.

The message that came through from my intuition is that I am not on a seven day cycle of renewal. My cycle is more like four to five days. What do I mean by that? Every four to five days I need to complete my renewal ritual in order to start again with a clean slate. When I'm not doing this consistently I start to hold onto the energy that's in my field rather than letting it flow through me and be replenished with Divine light and love. If I keep pushing myself and I'm not paying attention to my emotions then my body starts to send signals that I need rest. If I ignore those physical signals they get worse until I finally pay attention.

Where did the seven day week come fro