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SPIRITUAL INTEGRATION AND ENERGY WORK SESSION                                        $250 (2 hour session)

PERSONALIZED FOR YOUR UNIQUE ENERGETIC NEEDS                                  

I have been working with people using a variety of techniques, including Reiki and intuitive energy work, guided meditation, and personal coaching for almost 20 years. The amazing thing about energy work is that it is just as effective (sometimes even more so!) at a distance as in person. Every session is unique to your needs at that particular moment. A Spiritual Integration and Energy Work session includes a phone or video call to assess your needs and discuss your healing goals followed by intuitive energy work. I will generally have you stay connected during the energy session in case I am guided to ask questions or lead you in a meditation. I may use healing sound, toning, chanting or music to help move energy during the session along with various energetic techniques to address stagnation, holding or imbalance in your physical, emotional and energetic bodies. The session concludes with time to reflect on your experience and to share any intuitive information or insights I received that can help you moving forward. I share tools you can use between sessions to help you keep growing and expanding in your healing journey and answer any questions that came up for you during the energy work. A typical session lasts about 2 hours. Save $75 with a 3-Pack.

INTUITIVE COACHING                                                                                                                 $125 (1 hour session)

NEED SOME ONE-ON-ONE GUIDANCE?                                                            

Intuitive Coaching is a one-on-one session in which we talk about any questions or issues you are encountering in your healing process. Do you need guidance in a certain area? Are you looking for personalized information or assistance about anything in the book or the meditations? Do you have questions about working with your own energy or resolving back body issues or triggers? Are you in the midst of dealing with infertility or grieving a pregnancy loss? As someone who has been through both, I am here to help you through it, whether that means helping you find tools to cope with uncertainty and loss and/or to be an understanding ear and offer compassion as you share your story. Spiritual connection and our emotional health affect all parts of our life, from the very personal to our encounters outside our families and in our careers. Every session includes in-depth discussion and coaching to help you identify issues and learn how to resolve them so you can step into or deepen meaningful relationships, release old traumas and patterns, and move forward in your healing process. These sessions are conducted on a phone or video call depending on your preference, and every session is intuitive and tailored to what you need in the moment. I may pull Tarot cards or connect with Divine energy in other ways to give you intuitive information and guidance. A typical session lasts about one hour. Save $45 with a 3-pack or $100 with Monthly Coaching.

ANIMAL COMMUNICATION AND MEDICAL INTUITION                                        $75 (45 minute session)


How many times have you wished that your pet could speak to you to express their needs or wants? Are you frustrated with a feeling that they are in pain or trying to tell you something? I have been successfully communicating with animals for almost twenty years. I have worked with veterinarians to help assess and correctly pinpoint medical issues. Animals don't think or speak the same way people do, but they want us to understand them just as much as we want to understand and help them. Our pets are part of our families, and they deserve the best care and communication we can offer them. I can connect with your animal and get a good feel for what they want to share with you, remotely scan through their body in search of medical issues, and even help communicate with a pet who's passed on if you want to check in or say your final goodbyes. This service typically consists of a phone or video call in which we discuss your pet and what you are looking to find out. I may answer as we talk or briefly disconnect to connect with your pet, then reconnect with you to share my findings. This service generally takes about 45 minutes.



I have been teaching and sharing about energy work for almost 20 years. Whether you are looking for a basic overview about energy and energetic healing modalities or a more in depth look at Spiritual Integration and learning to work with your own energy, I can customize a class or workshop to meet the needs of your group. I use the same intuitive, eclectic style for my classes as for my individual sessions so each class is designed specifically for your event. Lecture and discussion combined with experiential practices and guided meditations keep participants engaged. I often incorporate healing music and kirtan (call and response) if the occasion calls for it. Learning how to integrate our everyday lives with the spiritual is our birthright, and I am passionate about helping people find their connection to the Divine. When we are living in connection life begins to unfold in a completely new way.


Would you like me to work with you or a loved one to ease the spiritual transition between this life and what comes next? Death is a difficult part of life, but with spiritual presence and focus it can also be a deeply rewarding experience. We can choose to leave our bodies at the end of life in a state of grace and expansion, and our loved ones can choose to be present to support us in this journey. Sometimes the spirit needs help making this transition with ease and can benefit from connection and guidance before, during or even after death. I have connected with people in each of these phases to help their spirit make sense of what is happening during this process so that they can open to the next phase of existence with love and gratitude. This is a special service I offer on a case-by-case basis. Contact me for more information.

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