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From a young age Paula was interested in spirituality. Raised in the Catholic church, she started to explore other religions and spiritual philosophies at age 16. This exploration led her to a focus on spirituality over religion, incorporating beliefs from many different traditions into an eclectic and ever-changing world view. 

While pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in music and psychology, she was introduced to the concept of chakras, which reinforced the deep-seated intuition she had held since childhood about the energy that permeates all of life. After college she decided not to attend her graduate program in clinical psychology because she was increasingly interested in and open to the idea of treating the whole person rather than focusing any one aspect of being. 

Synchronicity led her to the idea of using massage therapy as a vehicle to heal the whole person through energy work, which was an idea outside of the mainstream at the time. She attended the massage therapy program at Trinity College in San Jose, California, which is where she was first introduced to Reiki. Receiving her Reiki I attunement felt like coming home, and she later received the Reiki II and Master Teacher attunements to complete her Reiki training. 

Paula has been practicing energy and bodywork since 2003. We are all connected and yet so unique; we share similar physical and energetic patterns even though they are expressed differently in our individual lives. In her work with clients Paula helps to identify these patterns and how they are affecting the energetic, emotional, and physical bodies. Her intention is to hold safe, supportive space for clients to release the frequencies that no longer serve them while helping to facilitate an influx of joyful free-flowing energy in the body and energetic field.

Paula has also worked as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer from 2006-2019 and a Patient Navigator for Breast Imaging since 2020. Her training and experience in the Western medical field grant her further insight and understanding of the body and how it interacts with the mind and spirit.

Since 2020 Paula has been sharing music and sound for healing. She has multiple songs available on streaming services and offers a monthly group Sacred Sound Healing session in Tucson.

Paula is passionate about teaching and sharing energy work. The search for meaning is a constant across all cultures, and Paula hopes to guide people to their own personal truth, as she is consistently guided to hers. In early 2020 her book Spiritual Integration was published, and she has been the host of the podcast Wind Down Wednesdays since July 2020. In 2021 she began to channel the information that has evolved into the Dimensional Frequency Expansion (DFE) healing system.

Paula also practices intuitive reading, animal communication, and communication with those who have passed beyond this physical plane. She has provided spiritual support for both animals and people during their transition from the physical plane to the spiritual at the end of their lives.

She lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband and two dogs and enjoys reading, meditation, movement, beach time and sunsets.

Rock Labyrinth with water in the background
Sunflowers in a field with a partly cloudy sky and rays of the sun in the background


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