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Episode 26: January 6, 2020
Holding Space for Hibernation

In Episode 26 we talk about hibernation. What is it and how can we honor our body's call to hibernate during these winter months? This is a delicious, cozy meditation designed to bring rest and renewal. Learn more about Holding Space for Hibernation in this blog post.

Episode 27: January 13, 2020
Releasing Expectations by Stepping Into the Present

In Episode 27 we talk about how expectations keep us trapped in the past or the future rather than in the present moment. This meditation is designed to help us step fully into the present moment to release our expectations and open to the grandest vision of our highest good.

Episode 28: January 20, 2020
Strengthening Our Connections

Episode 28 is all about connections. Our connections to our bodies, the Earth, and Divine energy allow us to receive to love. We must be connected with ourself before we can be fully connected with others. This is a beautiful meditation full of sound healing to help strengthen our connection with the Earth, our sacral chakra, heart center and Divine energy in order to open to love.

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