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Guided Meditation and Chant for Anxiety

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

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With everything that's been happening in the world recently, I've been struggling to find the right words for a blog post. Luckily writing isn't the only tool I have in my spiritual toolbox. In lieu of a written post I decided to record a guided meditation and chant for anxiety.

There is so much uncertainty in our lives right now, and anxiety is a natural side effect of this. It's also a tricky emotion in energetic terms because it tends to bounce around in the body. It can be hard to even locate, let alone pin down and dissipate this intense emotion.

Chanting can be an extremely effective way to ground all the excess energy bouncing around inside of us when we're feeling anxious. Through this grounding we allow ourselves to settle and release much of that excess energy out of the body with the loving intention of offering it to the Divine for transformation and use for the highest good.

Self care is always important, but in difficult times it becomes absolutely necessary for our emotional resilience. You can use this meditation as often as you like to help ground your anxiety and bring some calm back into your life. I'll also be posting it on my meditation page for easier access in the future. Enjoy!

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