Music has always been a big part of Paula's life. There was music and singing in her house on a daily basis growing up, and the story in her family is that she started singing before she started talking. She spent her childhood singing in choirs and at church, and learning multiple instruments like the violin, piano, clarinet and oboe. 

Paula has a Bachelor's Degree in Music and she sings and plays the oboe, clarinet and keyboards in a jazz/pop band called "In Theory." All of the music in her guided meditations was written and performed by Paula with the exception of the guitar, which is usually written and performed by her husband, Daniel Taylor. In fact, Paula uses her extensive knowledge of music and sound to structure the music in each of her meditations to assist the listener in their meditation and healing journey. She is currently writing and recording songs with a spiritual focus as well as meditation call and response songs, also known as kirtan. Learn more about kirtan here.  Research supports the benefits of kirtan; read more about this here.


Available December 19 for streaming on all major platforms or download it here on the website!

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