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Colorful nebula as seen through a powerful telescope

Music has always been a big part of Paula's life. There was music and singing in her house on a daily basis growing up, and the story in her family is that she started singing before she started talking. She spent her childhood singing in choirs and at church and learning multiple instruments like the violin, piano, clarinet and oboe. 

Paula Taylor at keyboard singing into microphone

Paula has a Bachelor's Degree in Music and she sings and plays the oboe, clarinet and keyboards in the jazz/pop band "In Theory." All of her music is written and performed by Paula with the help of her husband Daniel Taylor, who assists with writing and performing on guitar. Paula uses her extensive knowledge of music and sound to structure the music to assist the listener in their meditation and healing journey. Music, intuitive vocal toning, and singing bowls are also used in her one-on-one sessions to help move energy for healing. Paula is currently writing and recording songs with a spiritual focus as well as meditation call and response songs, also known as kirtan. Learn more about kirtan here.  Research supports the benefits of kirtan; read more about this here.


Click the "Get Single" button (if available) to access the song on a streaming or download service like Spotify, Amazon or Apple/iTunes, or click on "Download Track" if you would like to purchase it. You can listen to a 30 second preview of each track on this page.

This kirtan contains the Emerald frequency of Dimensional Frequency Expansion (DFE) and is designed to invite more unconditional love into your mind, body, heartspace and energetic field. DFE increases our capacity for love and can assist in releasing that which no longer serves.

The vibration of the words and music of this kirtan are designed to help you become fully present in and connected with your body, and to step into the healing energy of Divine flow.

I was honored to create and share this kirtan for the Sisters Soaring Virtual Summit in January 2021. Allow this call to action to inspire you to grow in your connection to the Divine Mother and your feminine power, and to harness that connection to step into the unity of all humankind in service and Divine flow.

Stepping into your light and living with an open heart can be a painful transition. People in your life may not be able or willing to support you when you claim that light. But the journey is worth it! The old ways of thinking and being fall away and that pain gets transformed into love.

Access a calm, meditative state with this beautiful kirtan call and response song.

This kirtan is designed to clear your energetic space, both within your energetic and physical bodies and in the space around you. Sing along or play this 12 minute kirtan in your home to clear stagnant energy and access a more expanded state.

Celebrate the light that exists within each of us!

Special Appearance: Sallianne Schlacks, Euphonium


I am currently writing and recording new songs, including a kirtan specifically for those who have experienced pregnancy loss, a song about transformation through embracing shadow work, and a meditative piano piece entitled Power and Light. Check back for previews and updates!

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